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State of emergency in New York after Ida

New York declares a state of emergency due to Storm Ida.

At least one hurricane swept through New York and several places were flooded.

For the first time ever, a state of emergency was declared due to flood risks.

During Thursday morning, it rained heavily New York After Storm Ida. At least one tornado swept through the state, causing flooding. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a state of emergency and a special emergency due to flooding.

“Here we are witnessing a historic weather event with record amounts of rain falling on the city, severe flooding and dangerous conditions on our roads,” de Blasio wrote on Twitter.

Central Park received more than seven centimeters of rain in one hour and the subway system was down in several places. Governor Cathy Hochhol is urging all city dwellers to stay home.

The subway system is an angry flood in some parts, which is a scary sight, and I want people to be safe, she tells NY1 TV.

LaGuardia, JFK and Newark Liberty Airports have canceled all of their flights, according to NBC News.

All passenger cars have been banned in traffic and only emergency vehicles are allowed on the roads, authorities wrote on Twitter.

Died in New Jersey

Neighboring New Jersey was also hard hit by the floods and a state of emergency was declared.

In some places, the water level must be higher than a meter and a half and at least one person has drowned, according to NBC News. In neighboring Pennsylvania, thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes.

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Four people have been confirmed dead so far since the storm first hit Louisiana and Mississippi.