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Steam removes games using cryptocurrency technology •

Steam removes games using cryptocurrency technology •

Valve introduced a new point to Steam rules. The company has banned the sale of games that use solutions related to, among other things, cryptocurrency.

Information about additional restrictions Back On the site for developers and publishers. As it has been emphasized, it is not possible to deploy any applications and productions based on the blockhain technology that generates or allows the exchange of cryptocurrency or NFT in a digital store.

The NFTs mentioned above are tokens that are sometimes offered in millions of dollars, i.e. certificates of possession of a virtual good – eg memes. They have generated a lot of controversy because they are often associated with fraud. A few months ago, Marta Rentel modeled in a similar fashion sold your?? Digital love??.

Age of Rust allows you to get NFT products

Valve’s actions were noticed by the creator of Age of Rust – a game that rewards users for solving puzzles by NFT. Developer ClaimsThat the project will soon be removed from the company’s store although he does not agree with the decision taken.

Steam believes these items have value, and they don’t want things to be available on the platform that have real world value. Although I respect their choice, I strongly believe that NFT and blockchain gaming is the future?? – It was written.

Epic Games decided to take a different approach. Company President – Tim Sweeney – announceGames based on blockchain technology may appear in the studio store, as long as they are intended for the appropriate age groups and comply with the law and website regulations.

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