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Steve Bannon was sentenced to prison – he refused to be questioned

Steve Bannon was sentenced to prison – he refused to be questioned

It relates to the January 6 Commission, which is investigating the storming of the Capitol in January 2021. Congress summoned Steve Bannon, formerly the head of Breitbart, as a witness but he did not appear. Nor did he submit the documents requested by the committee.

Last summer, Bannon was convicted of a crime equivalent to contempt of court, but the sentence has not yet been announced.

The Associated Press reported that Bannon is being allowed to release himself pending an appeal. In addition to the four-month prison sentence, he must also pay a $6,500 fine.

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Bannon says the verdict will be appealed. He confirmed before a news conference that he had testified about the storming of the Capitol on several occasions.

The public prosecutor demanded a six-month prison sentence.

It should be clear to the public and citizens that no one is above the law, Attorney General JP Kony said earlier.

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Steve Bannon took over as chief strategist in the White House in 2016, after Donald Trump’s election victory. He was also Trump’s national security advisor for a while.

However, there was no long-term stay in the White House. In August 2017, he resigned from his duties. The resignation is said to have been preceded by internal disputes with other Trump advisers.

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