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Decreased logging in the Amazon

Published on 2024-04-05 08.51

Deforestation in Brazil has declined sharply.  However, at the global level, forest losses remain at high levels.  Archive photo.

Deforestation rates in the Amazon fell dramatically last year, following political efforts in Brazil and Colombia.

However, globally, rainforests equivalent to ten football fields disappeared per minute last year, according to a report by the World Resources Institute (WRI).

– The world took two steps forward and two steps back when it came to forest losses last year, says Michaela Weiss of the World Resources Institute, according to AFP.

Brazil's political transition, which saw Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva return to the presidency last year, saw destruction fall by 36 percent compared to 2022 – despite an increase in some areas of the country.

In Colombia, where reducing logging was part of the peace talks, the reduction was 49 percent.

But at the same time, fires and increased logging elsewhere – including Bolivia, Laos and Nicaragua – have largely caused the positive effects to disappear.

Globally, rainforest losses have decreased by only 9 percent, which has also been reported by the BBC, among others.

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