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still ! Joined the wire in Strasbourg, PSG still has mental problems

At the Menau Stadium in Strasbourg,

reassembled. The word was on the lips of many, Friday evening in Strasbourg. Paris Saint-Germain cracked again and saw their two-goal lead fade in twenty-five short minutes. From 3-1 in the 68th minute to 3-3 in the 92nd minute. Unbelievable but this time without many consequences because the Paris club is already the champion of France since last week.

This is (really) where the similarity ends with the beating received at Barcelona in 2017 (6-1). No, there was not the slightest humiliation inflicted on Verratti and his family in Alsace. Just a small snag reminds us of this seemingly deep evil: PSG is never safe in a meeting.

why ? Mauricio Pochettino did not want to talk about “panic” after the match. “No, we didn’t panic. It’s football,” replied the legendary Argentine coach jolly. Who had already given the same sweet speech into Prime’s mic: “We conceded two final goals but that doesn’t change my vision: we played a very good game.”

Perhaps, and again, if the clock stopped before Kacchi’s equalizer in Strasbourg … but the new French champions still signed an incomplete performance. With Mbappe’s turn and the author of his 23 and 24 goals in the Ligue 1 this season, Hakimi (1-2, 64), Messi who is constantly on the move … then this final collapse.

Sergio Ramos was there though…

So, what else happened in Paris’ minds? Because this time there was a real coach in defense with Sergio Ramos, two goals ahead, there was no Neymar blazing in front, and there was no foul from Donnarumma. In short, nothing expects such a result! “Unfortunately. We did what we had to do, we took the lead, widened the difference but we didn’t know how to keep this score,” reacted Kylan Mbappe on his part. We must congratulate Strasbourg, which has not yet given up […] We gave the stick a bit to beat, but we shouldn’t take credit for this team. »

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The French striker is right and the data should not be underestimated: the Alsatians scored as a result of the victory. Not PSG, who had nothing specific to play at La Meinau when Racing was fighting for a place in the European Cup. Along the same lines, this team led by Julian Stefan broke Rennes in the last half hour ten days ago (2-1).

adequate explanation? No, because the Parisians again failed to take cover when they had the chance. In one of his only two accelerations of the evening, Messi stumbled upon Sells (89th place) and behind him, there was no serenity among Marquinhos’ partners. Even that new final stab. As if mental evil was irremediable within this team.

“We no longer explain anything, we are champions,” Mbappe attacked again. “We’ve had a dip in the last 10 or 15 minutes which has been fatal. But now is not the time to explain things.” It’s a bit late, yes: PSG have already finished their season.