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Storm Henry halted the gigantic concert in New York

New York. Talk about dark symbolism.

Attempts to celebrate New York’s “return” with a giant concert in Central Park last night were halted after just a few hours — due to the rain and thunder associated with a hurricane heading toward the global capital.

Like Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith, Elvis Costello, and The Killers never had time..

There were those in advance who expressed doubts about the free concert that night in central Park, to celebrate the fact that New York It “returned” after the Covid crisis, and it was carried out as planned.

On the one hand, the spread of infection is starting to escalate again in the city of the world, and on the other hand, Hurricane Henry is heading entirely towards the mouth of the Hudson River.

But Mayor Bill de Blasio seems to think “the show must go on”. So 60,000 people – all vaccinated; Attendance requirement was – crowded into “Big Lawn” early Saturday night to try shows by artists and bands as diverse as Andrea Bocelli, Patti Smith, Polo G, Barry Manilow, LL Cool J, Earth Wind & Fire, and Bruce Springsteen, Journey and the New York Philharmonic.

Unfortunately, they were only allowed to enjoy a few hours. Then Henry knocked on the door. In the middle of the dryers of old butter singer Barry Manilow, the organizers took to the stage and abruptly interrupted the show altogether—by thunderstorms nearby.

The public was urged to seek protection as soon as possible and shortly thereafter the park was emptied.

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By then, the heavier acts — such as Bruce Springsteen, the hitman, Patti Smith, and Paul Simon, the savior of Central Park in his slim persona — didn’t have time to take on a tone.

The harsh symbolism is hard to get around. When New York celebrates its comeback and shows the world that all is well again – then there will be upheaval and failure within the pure Fyre caliber (the few who paid close to $5,000, equivalent to 43,000 crowns, for the most exclusive VIP tickets know don’t protest) On this comparison…)

For several hours after the break, there were rumors that the show would resume – without an audience; As if it was last summer, when Zoom parties could only be held – but before 10:30 p.m. local time came the last message that the festival had been completely canceled.

There is no chance of a repeat of the show on Sunday, because Henry arrives today in full force.

Counting? Only for the bad times…

There is no chance of a repeat of the show on Sunday, because Henry arrives today in full force.