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Strange smell in student housing in Sapanca – Resident: Itchy throat

Published on 2024-03-11 21.47

Student housing residents were evacuated after a strong odor spread through the hallways.

Emergency services and police contributed greatly to the construction of the building.

– Itchy throat. “It smells like burnt plastic, and I cough a lot,” says one resident.

The rescue service received the first alerts about the strong smell at 9.30pm on Monday evening.

Police were then also alerted to student accommodation in Sapanca, west of Stockholm.

– We are at the site, and we also smell a strong smell, says Marie Nordahl from the rescue service.

According to eyewitnesses, police patrols and emergency services wore gas masks when they investigated the smell.

At least five people were examined by on-site health care. None of them were taken to hospital.

Residents evacuated: Strong, frightening smell

A resident told Aftonbladet newspaper that they had evacuated the building.

– Itchy throat. It smells like burnt plastic and I cough a lot. She says: It's terrible that it started to smell so strong.

Police press spokeswoman Nadia Northon said several people had raised the alarm about the strange smell.

– We are there and helping the emergency services, she says.

Emergency Services: Cause unknown

At 10:30 p.m., the rescue service announced that it had canceled the operation.

“We left there,” says Per Johansson, a line worker.

It is still unclear what caused the strange smell.

– We don't know why. We were there and breathed a little sigh of relief and then everyone got a lot better. Per Johansson says it doesn't seem too serious.

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The police stated that there are currently no criminal suspicions in connection with the operation.