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Studio DN’s Foreign Week: DN Reporters on How to Talk to a Dictator

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Foreign Week: How do you talk to a ruthless dictator?

Other countries often meet dictatorships and authoritarian regimes with sanctions and expulsion, but there are a few examples of how successful, and the reporters at Studio DN reason: The effect can be the opposite.

Sometimes other methods are used, not least with regard to China, arguments from democratic countries have been that close contacts increase the potential for influencing reforms. However, this was also not the case.

– if you like Be cynical, I think this is used as a fig leaf, and is actually about realpolitik. Eric Olson, who has observed different types of repressive regimes over several decades, says that China is so powerful in both trade and economic terms that the outside world has no choice but to trade and sell its goods to China.

Breastfeeding can be done against countries like North Korea.

Serious authoritarian rule is rarely threatened only by external pressure—and for real difference to arise, some form of internal pressure from protest movements or pent-up popular anger is required.

what pays The dictator, and if there is a tacit community of authoritarian leaders, is analyzed in the section – as well as how it happens that a dictator whose only drive to stay in power, at the same time can act completely unpredictably.

He also heard from journalist Saeed Al-Nahal, who himself fled Syria, about how the people of a country deal with the changing system, and how this affects their relations with each other.

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Participants: Anna-Lena Loren, Russia correspondent, Eric Olson, Middle East correspondent, Saeed Al-Nahal, reporter, and Michael Winarsky, foreign commentator. Host: Sana Toren Burling.

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Foreign Week: How do you talk to a ruthless dictator?

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