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Summer at P1 2021: This was Jessica Meyer’s show

In sci-fi depictions of space missions, the crew usually includes at least one scientist. It could be a biologist or agronomist or something. This world tends to go crazy or save the expedition. There are always conflicts with the most militarily disciplined astronauts.

Jessica Meir is the perfect blend of professional roles, she is an astronaut, marine biologist and physiologist. A real phenomenon. 43 years old, she lived at the bottom of the sea and in space. You bounce. In 2019, she arrived at the International Space Station, ISS, spent 205 days in orbit and completed, among other things, three spacewalks.

The poet Bruno K Auger once wrote Poem titled “Wife’s Letter to the Astronaut”. It’s short: “You’re strangling me/Since that day/Hovering in space/Putting the globe/Behind your thumb.” Two things hit one of them with this poem. The first is how clear the astronaut was a man in 1981 – when it was published. Jessica Meir talks about how she has been plagued by “Deception Syndrome” throughout her studies and career, and has associated it with being a woman in a male world.

Nowadays, one sees highly documented scientific articles claiming that the female body is better adapted to spaceflight than the male.

Another thing about Uiger’s poem is that it obviously assumes that those who have been there and seen our world from afar will be a little different from the experience. It becomes literal and a little figurative From the top Earth pedestrians towards us. Contrary to this idea, Jessica Meir looks very ordinary, sometimes a little boring. The strongest word you can think of when describing the feeling of looking down at the ground from above is “awesome.”

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The music she plays is generational indie music – Radiohead, The National, The Cure, Montreal: Pop equals reasonable shoes in other words.

But she has a lot to say and you are amazed at everything she had time for. During the last minutes of the programme, she spoke warmly of the future space program, and one might wish to think more personally about the privatization of space. In any case, I am convinced that Jessica Meir will be a part of future orbiters.

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