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Sucker Punch publishes stats for its anniversary

A year ago, the movie “Ghost of Tsushima” was released. Samurai adventure from the house of Sucker Punch is one of the last great games on PS4. But what has happened in the game since launch and what obstacles have the players overcome together? Two graphs posted today on PlayStation’s Twitter channel give some numbers.

Foxes, pictures and more

The overview shows that since the launch of “Ghost of Tsushoma” last year, no less than 679.2 million challenges have been accepted and/or completed. There were 333.1 million duels. 68.5 million hikos have been written and 61 million photos taken.

Players have also spent 4,241 years on horseback in the past 12 months in “Ghost of Tsushima”. During the same period, 55.63 million foxes were petted and 60.1 million ghost dogs were called. As mentioned the number of Legends missions played: 40.76 million.

“July 17th marks the first year since the release of Ghost of Tsushima! For every fox you’ve petted, every photo pose you’ve shared, every predicament you’ve come to terms with, or any other way you’ve accompanied us on this journey, we thank you from From the bottom of our hearts on an amazing year.” tweet.

Continues with Ghost of Tsuhima

The story of “Ghost of Tsuhima” is not over yet. While there is still silence about a potential sequel, Sucker Punch and Sony are preparing to release a director’s version that will also let you take advantage of PS5.

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But not only are PS5 exclusive features confirmed, but the expansion is also part of the new release. It leads you to the neighboring island of Iki. In addition to the new story and other characters, you will encounter new armor for Jin and his horse, new mini-games, new technologies, new enemy types and other content.

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However, there is a small problem: a free upgrade to the new version of “Ghost of Tsushima” is not planned. Instead, you have to pay up to 30 euros for it. Pricing details It can be found in this message.

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