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What are Facebook soundmojis and how are they used?

With the advancement of social networks, there has been a file they change When communicating between people. Among those text messages that are charged by letter or by word, developed into the current communication where voice messages can be sent for free. Among all these changes Include emojis in chats from different messaging applications.

According to the current records of Facebook social networking site, people are sent More than 2,400 messages with emojis per day Through the chat platform called “Messenger”. Now, have you ever imagined that emojis can talk?

Well, starting on Saturday 17th July, World emoji day, Messenger chat icons may have sounds. The Facebook messaging app made a profile Soundmoji, a An emoji that lets you send short audio clips In a Messenger chat.

The sounds range from clap s drum beat, Until Evil laugh or the noise that night crickets. But the novelty does not end there, because this new job too It will allow you to include audios from your favorite artists, as well as adding program clips from TV, from a series, from Movies Or even excerpts from speeches cultural.

Library Soundmoji It is very wide and you can find parts of movies Universal Pictures, string like Brooklyn Nine Nine that airs on NBC and even Bridgeton Found on Netflix.

it will be It is updated regularly With new sound effects and excerpts from famous scenes. The interesting thing is that each sound will be represented by an emoji, the interaction with which is audio-visual: At the same time we will see the emoji we will listen to her voice Reporter.

Soundmojis: They will be the first emojis that speak in a Messenger chat.

Step by step: How to find Soundmojis in Messenger

  1. Go to the app messenger And start a conversation.
  2. Click on the smiley face that opens expression list.
  3. Select the symbol Loudspeaker.
  4. From there you will find one soundmojis preview So you can listen to them before you send them.
  5. Select the Soundmoji and sent it.

Another different emoji

In October last year, a new emoji format was already implemented that serves in all applications: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and cable Among other things. what is he talking about? from emoji kitchen, a function that allows you to mix emojis to create your own version.

The exclusive condition for using this fun function is the installation of Gboard keyboard, which belongs to Google. remarkably Gboard This Pre-installed on most mobile devices with this system Android. Failing that, the app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Some emojis are integrated on the GBoard keyboard. (Photo: Google).

Suggestion Combine different emojis So that they become a very unique sticker that will intensify the expressions of both characters. For example, if we choose a mouse and a heart, the system will throw the mouse into the heart. The options are multiple.

The result is not exactly an emoji, but a file Shareable bigger size sticker In the above environments (Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.) and also in some social networks.

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