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Tunika idealna na lato z Lidla na plażę i na miasto

Summer 2021 trends: a jacket from Lidl perfect for the beach and the city

In the summer, it is worth choosing universal clothes that are suitable for both the beach and for going out to the city. This is exactly what the jacket looks like you can buy at Lidl.

It’s hot days in Poland, so it’s worth starting to compose Holiday wardrobe. In summer, universal clothes will be perfect, which we can assume in different situations. These are the clothes we take with us on excursions, but we gladly put them in the city, too. This, inter alia, Jacket, which you can now get at Lidl stores. It’s a longer top that will work as a bikini top, but will also look great with shorts when we’re out on the town. See for yourself.

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Summer 2021 trends: a jacket from Lidl perfect for the beach and the city

Lidl’s Beach Jacket is breathable and stylish. Therefore, it will be ideal for various situations.

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We love to wear these types of jackets on the beach during the holidays. It’s a great addition to a modern bikini. However, it is also worth choosing them with shorts and sneakers. Then we will create a trendy summer style that is perfect for going out on the town or to a party.

Lidl offers up to three different styles of this type of sweater. One of them will be perfect for fans of the classics, because it is universal black. There are also models for lovers of patterns – one is black and white batik, the other is zebra in the same shade.

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Tunics are available on Lidl’s website in sizes SL. You can buy it for 44.99 PLN.

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Beach Tonic in Lidl


Summer 2021 trends: Lidl

At Lidl you can currently find more trendy clothes for summer. The store’s assortment also includes traditional shorts, airy dresses and elegant shirts.

but that is not all. Great holiday shoes and accessories are also on sale. All of these items are reasonably priced.

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You must buy these clothes if you want to look stylish in 2021. Fit in with the hottest trends!