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Suspected of running a Chinese secret police station in New York – FBI arrested him

The Justice Department said in a news release that the suspects were arrested Monday morning at their homes in New York local time. The men are also accused of trying to destroy evidence, in the form of contacts with a Chinese government official.

Attorney General Brion Pace says New York already has a police force — and doesn’t need another.

– We do not want and do not need a secret police station in our city, he said AP.

Prosecutor Brion Pace says:

Photo: Angela Weiss/AFP

Police Department In Manhattan’s Chinatown, it was reportedly established in early 2022 and was active until the fall of that year, when officials became aware of the FBI investigation. From the building, Chinese police officers are said to have worked to map and persecute critics of the regime in the United States.

“Through its repressive security apparatus, the People’s Republic of China has established a hidden physical presence in New York to monitor and intimidate dissidents,” Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen said in a statement.

In a separate case, about 40 people are suspected of stalking Chinese nationals living in the United States. The defendants are Chinese police officers who, according to the Ministry of Justice, belong to a special group with the aim of influencing the outside world’s image of China. Through social media, they are said to have identified and attacked opponents of the regime around the world, including in the United States.

“These cases show the extent to which the People’s Republic of China is willing to silence and harass Americans who exercise their basic rights by speaking out against China’s oppression,” said Matthew Olsen.

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In an illegal police station, Chinese spies set up critics of the regime in the United States