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The ship in Ångermanälven “stands where you stand”

“It stands where you stand and there’s no oil spill, so we’re offering our time until the rescue plan is determined,” says Kristin Linden, Coast Guard management services operator.

So the midsummer lunch for the shipping company and the experts at the Swedish Transport Agency will be about this plan. It is not specified when the vessel can be unloaded, and the risk of oil spills makes it a delicate task.

At nine o’clock Thursday morning, the cargo ship lost its maneuverability and ran aground.

– I got what’s called a blackout, and I lost power. After that I lost control for a short time, says Kristin Linden.

The 131-meter-long ship drifted on a sandbank.

For all the terrain you can walk on, sandbanks are among the gentlest on the hull, said Waldemar Lindikrantz, Coast Guard hub.

The sand ship hit the bow first. The fuel tanks were located in the stern, and therefore had no contact with the ground.

The cargo ship is called Koningsborg and is registered in the Netherlands. It is packed with wood and was on its way to its final destination, Casablanca, Morocco, according to SVT Västernorrland News.

There is no suspicion of crime surrounding the incident. The ship had two pilots when it lost maneuverability.

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