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Israel reintroduces mouth protection requirements

After a period of low prevalence in the country, Israel is now reintroducing mandatory requirements for indoor mouth protection and recommending mouth protection at major outdoor events. This is after the country saw an increased spread of infection again. On Thursday, Haaretz reported, 227 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in the country.

– The Delta variant is currently spreading rapidly all over the world. Unfortunately, we also see the beginning of a spread (of the delta variant, editor’s note) in Israel, says Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. Jerusalem Post.

Israel, which began vaccination against COVID-19 in December last year, was able to reopen society early. According to the Wall Street Journal, about half of adults with a completely new delta variant should be vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine.

Not likely with the fourth wave

Despite the increasing spread of infection in the country, the number of confirmed infections is relatively few in international comparison and the country’s Ministry of Health is optimistic. Studies from the United Kingdom, for example, show that the vaccine prevents a significant increase in severe cases of the delta variant.

Nahman Ash, the coordinator of the Israeli epidemiological measures, told “Haaretz” newspaper that he is not worried about the spread of a fourth wave of infection, despite talk of a doubling of the number of confirmed cases in a few days.

The reason for doubling is that there are very few cases from the start He says I don’t think we will see fourth wave.

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