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Sweden’s reactions to Erdogan’s yes: “Just to congratulate Finland”

Anders Lindberg on independent social democracy Aftonbladet editorial pageFinland congratulates on the green light on Friday from Turkey.

He points out that the government led by the Swedish bourgeoisie has stated that NATO membership is its most important issue. The government also declared as a goal that Sweden should join NATO at the same time as Finland.

after Erdogan News about Sweden, looks bleak with this thing.

“However, the Swedish government now risks failing at a central point when it comes to Swedish security,” Lindbergh writes, and asks:

How could Sweden be unprepared for this circus?

At the same time, Lindberg believes that the main reason Sweden ended up with this position is that Turkey is making unreasonable demands for ratification.

No one knows when Sweden’s NATO membership might become a reality.

Weakness pleases Russia

“Sweden Left Alone in Erdogan’s Waiting Room,” reads the headline of Dagens Nyheter’s analysis.

Political commentator Thomas Ramberg The remarkable thing, he writes, is not “Finland is now allowed to enter, but that Finland has let Sweden wait slow Finland’s entry”.

The timeline for Sweden’s membership is not clear.

“The next point of shame for the Swedish NATO operation is the summit in Vilnius in July. If Sweden is not involved, then NATO has shown a weak spot, not least for Russia,” Ramberg concludes.

March Knutsonthe local political commentator on SVT, calls the Turkish announcement “the worst possible outcome for Sweden in this situation and a major setback for the Swedish government”.

“Today, no one knows when Sweden’s membership in NATO can become a reality,” Knutson writes in his analysis.

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If Turkey does not ratify Sweden in June so that membership can be approved at a NATO summit in July, Knutson thinks a final declaration could take until fall or next year.

“It would be a nightmare scenario for the Swedish government, which has singled out NATO membership as the most important issue at the moment for Swedish national security,” Knutson wrote on the SVT website.

Commander in Chief: It makes it harder to see

Sweden Radio They interview the Swedish commander-in-chief Michael Peden.

Saturday morning says it could get complicated for Sweden if Turkey and Hungary also take too long to ratify Sweden’s request for NATO.

– In the short term, my organization and I appreciate that the consequences for safety are limited. If it’s longer, Pedin says, and we’re talking for years, I shouldn’t pretend it’s going to be any more complicated.

According to Pedin, Finland will focus entirely on being a full member with all that entails, such as getting into NATO’s operational planning.

According to him, this will affect the defense cooperation and planning between Finland and Sweden in the long term.

– We will not be able to participate there as a partner country, he tells Sveriges Radio.