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Switzerland does not vote on climate action

51.6 per cent of those who voted in Sunday’s election said no to a bill that would limit carbon dioxide emissions in the country, and therefore will not be introduced. The bill was drafted to help the country achieve its climate goals in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

Swiss Climate Minister Simonetta Sommaruga has lamented the election result, as it means it will be “extremely difficult” to achieve climate goals of halving the country’s emissions by 2030.

It was not for climate protection, it was not for the law we voted on, the minister said at a press conference today.

The Swiss also voted against a proposal for a complete ban on synthetic pesticides within ten years, as well as a proposal to replace farmers who have chosen to phase out or limit the use of pesticides.

Under Switzerland’s direct democracy system, referendums are held every few months at the national, regional and local levels. Any proposal can be put up by the public for a national vote as long as it collects at least 100,000 signatures.

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