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Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to swap cybercriminals with the United States

The issue of cyber attacks will be high on the agenda when US President Joe Biden meets his Russian counterpart in Geneva on Wednesday. The meeting will take place in an 18th-century villa overlooking Lake Geneva and will be the first between the two leaders since Biden was elected president.

According to the Russian state TASS news agency that quoted Russian state televisionPresident Putin writes that he wants an exchange on equal terms CNN.

The United States has indicated on a number of occasions, and condemned In his absence, Russian hackers for various attacks. in March Russian hacker Sergei Medvedev has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for his role in the theft of half a billion dollars. On average, the US has been able to extradite two Russian cybercriminals per year, he writes Reuters.

Putin also expressed his hope that the meeting between the two presidents will be the beginning of the normalization of contacts between the two countries and that there will be an opportunity for dialogue on issues that bring together the two countries’ common interests.

Putin mentioned, among others أمور He says that the issue of climate, environmental issues in general, and strategic stability tast.

Putin also said that it is necessary for the two countries to restore personal contacts and create opportunities for dialogue.

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