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Rooster Greta Thunberg vs G7 after the air show

The G7 meeting of Boris Johnson received sharp criticism. That’s because – despite the British Prime Minister’s lofty promises ahead of the meeting – no blunt promises were made on climate measures.

The coal to be phased out still needs to be phased out. But it is unclear how and when it will turn out. Further criticism has come from the fact that EU countries have not succeeded in imposing their policies on dirty industries that move their operations abroad to avoid stricter regulations – the EU alone should have gone ahead with sanctions on these industries.

It didn’t get any better from measures like Boris Johnson choosing to fly a private jet to Cornwall from London – a 35-minute flight. Or Johnson’s choice to allow Red Arrows – the RAF’s aerobatics – to appear before the other leaders at the G7 summit.

Greta Thunbergs Beck

Greta Thunberg reacts with a lack of firm promises — and according to many, a lack of fingertips feeling in choosing a show.

“The climate crisis and the environmental crisis are rapidly escalating. The G7 is spending astronomical sums on fossil fuels and carbon dioxide emissions are expected to reach their second-largest annual increase ever. But the G7 leaders seem to be having a good time laying out their empty climate goals and repeating promises. old unfulfilled.

Of course, grilling steak and lobster is required at the same time as aircraft performing arts in the skies above the G7 meeting,” she wrote on Instagram.