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EU-US summit to discuss Russia, China, trade and technology

Relations between the European Union and the United States have improved significantly since Joe Biden was sworn in as president in January. Since then, the two sides have been discussing how to eliminate tariffs on steel and aluminum Introduced Donald Trump as chief. As well as the dispute over government aid to the American Boeing Company and the European Airbus Company, that lasted for 16 years, seems to be able to move towards a solution.

When European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and European Council President Charles Michel meet Joe Biden at lunchtime on Tuesday, the EU hopes the meeting will be a springboard for deeper cooperation in technology as well. The European Union and the United States are preparing to create a joint Trade and Technology Council that will, among other things, secure supply chains for vital inputs such as metals and semiconductors.

Since the start of the global economy After the pandemic, the shortage of semiconductors (the tiny data chips found in a lot of products), among other things, has resulted in Volvo had to reduce production.

Also expected is an in-depth EU-US collaboration on setting global standards for artificial intelligence (AI) and green technology and how large platform companies are regulated.

Regarding covid-19, Joe Biden recently said he wants to temporarily rescind patent protection on vaccines in order to increase access to them in the world. Parts of the EU circle (eg French Emmanuel Macron) are in the same line while other parts (eg German Angela Merkel) hesitant. Tuesday’s meeting is expected to lead to the European Union and the United States forming a working group to increase global vaccine production. In it, patent rights can also be discussed.

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The summit is scheduled for two hours. In addition to trade, China and Russia, among other countries, are on the agenda. In the case of Russia, the intention is for the European Union and the United States to form a so-called high-level group in order to better coordinate sanctions and increase pressure on Russia.

Biden’s meeting with EU leaders will take place the day before talks with President Vladimir Putin in Geneva. Ahead of that meeting, Putin said on Sunday that he wanted to exchange cybercriminals between the two countries.

Next week, the heads of state and government of the European Union will hold a summit on Russia, among other things.

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