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Szczecin: The Academy of Arts has purchased the historic Ionian Palace

The Classical Ionian Palace on Plac Orła Białego in Szczecin became the property of the Academy of Arts on Tuesday. The university bought it from Pekao Bank SA.

This is the third palace to be occupied by the Szczecin School of Art – its headquarters is the “Pod Globusem” Palace, located in the immediate vicinity of the newly acquired Ionian Palace. The academy also has a palace in the Pomeranian region. Niepodległości, which is undergoing renovation.

“This place is perfect. It meets all our expectations” – President of the Szczecin Academy of Arts, Dr. Hap. Mirosława Jarmołowicz Prof. AS.

She explained that the building is a “beautiful classic mansion” that satisfies the need to “create a university campus in one place” and “centralize our functions”, on an area of ​​3.4 thousand square meters. Square meters there will be an excellent space, including for a drawing studio, music training rooms, administration rooms or guest rooms.

“Importantly, the costs of air-conditioning – and this is a first impression – are not as high as they are in the mansions. In the 1990s, a renovation was done here related to basic materials, such as roofs, windows, roof, etc. Therefore, our adaptations are about relatively inexpensive things” – said the professor. Jarmowitz.

She noted that work such as adapting rooms for the new jobs will be carried out in phases – after building and conservation approvals are obtained and tenders are held. She noted that perhaps in the next school year, classes could be held at least in part of the building.

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She added that she would also like the newly purchased building to include, among other things, social rooms, such as rooms for mothers with children, or areas for individual rest and work for students.

Zbigniew Bogucki, West Pomeranian Voivode, reminded that the Art Academy is the only art school in Poland that offers art and music.

“This space will serve – I strongly believe – the growing number of students who want to study at the Academy of Arts. (…) Every university, especially art colleges, should be a space for discussion and exchange, so that young people and sensibilities can present their visions to the world, their ideas about the world, to freely express their art ”- said Voivodeship.

In the 18th century, on the site of the present Ionian palace, a one-story house was built, and it was increased by one floor in the 19th century. The facade is enriched with classical forms (its name comes from the characteristic columns). Since the nineteenth century, it has been the seat of banks.

The Academy of Arts bought the mansion for 8 million zlotys, of which 7 million zlotys came from bonds and 1 million zlotys came from the sale of the building in the Mujahideen. Grodzka.

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