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T-Mobile launch problems weren't a failure!  Mobile Network Attack :: Magazyn :: RMF FM

T-Mobile launch problems weren’t a failure! Mobile Network Attack :: Magazyn :: RMF FM

Since Thursday, T-Mobile customers have been largely reporting problems accessing services. There were still some connection issues on Friday. Cellular Network took the floor and made a statement. It was not a failure – stated in the press release.

T-Mobile. Problems accessing services

from Thursday evening T-Mobile users have complained about connectivity issues. Some have reported no signal as well as problems with data transfer and phone connections. According to, the largest number of reports came about player problems Warsaw, Wroclaw, Lublin, Pozna and Krakow. For this, the site collects reports indicating that problems with the operation of the services have not yet been definitively resolved.

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It was not a failure. The operator fell victim to hackers

As Konrad Moroz of the T-Mobile Polska press office reports, Cellular network operation problems were not caused by malfunction or human error. The worker announced in a private advertisement that he had fallen victim Massive DDoS Attack. How do you rate the company? This was the largest attack on a Polish mobile operator in history.

Yesterday (2/12/2021), our network was the target of a DDoS attack. It was the largest such attack on the TMobile network, and to our knowledge also the largest direct attack on the mobile operator in Poland. Thanks to the quick response of our security and network monitoring teams, the network is prevented from being blocked and the operation of the company’s vital systems has not been compromised in any way – stated in the statement.

T-Mobile has apologized to its customers for the inconvenience She was informed that there may still be individual problems with access to data transmission. The case of the attack was also reported to the relevant institutions.

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DDoS attacks It is one of the most common hacker attacks against information systems. It starts when multiple computers start accessing the victim’s website or system simultaneously. This leads to service overruns which often results in outages for a very long time.

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