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Take advantage of the exclusive online pre-sale of – Publimetro México

Irresistible prices already started with Walmart exclusive online pre-saleso you have the option to save from May 20-22 at or from your account a program. You can find your favorite products any time you want!

Create your account with your name and email and that’s it! You can buy from the website or download the app and place your orders there. You’ll find plenty of savings on your favorites at Walmart Supercenter.

Smart TVs and screens

If you want to renew your way of enjoying entertainmentThere will be screens and smart TVs of all sizes, capacities and, of course, prices. Look for the characteristics of each product next to the image and compare to find the one that will finally accompany your fun times at home.

If you have a video game enthusiast at home, you’ll be glad to know that with your new Smart TV you can have fun, as many of them have the ability to reproduce the graphics of your favorite video games with the same quality and definition. as a computer.

Telephony and computing

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Are you looking to change your smartphone? Find models that best suit your needs in terms of battery life, RAM, storage and imaging quality based on the number of megapixels. The most popular brands will be on this exclusive online presale at prices you won’t be able to resist.

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If you prefer computers, you can find them too! There will also be devices such as tablets, keyboards, headphones, and more to complement your daily activities.

white line

Hot Sale Discounts, How to Take Advantage of Hot Sale, Walmart Discounts, Exclusive Online Presale’s exclusive online pre-sale is an excellent opportunity to get it white line And renovate your kitchen or laundry room. From a blender or coffee maker to a washing machine or refrigerator. One of the best long term investments for your home!

Save with Walmart PASS

In addition to the savings that you will find in other areas such as beauty, home and decor, cars, pets and more, you can order your products quickly through Walmart Pass. This membership allows you to get unlimited shipments (for purchases starting at $299) from the Delivery in Hours department for $49 a month or $499 a year. But if you decide to subscribe, the first three months of the service will be free! Perfect to take advantage of these dates.

So hurry up, head over to the website or app and discover everything the exclusive pre-sale has for you.