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Take PUBG Battlegrounds “her biggest step” will be free as of January

2021/12/10 PUBG battlefield. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the popular PUBG battle royale video game, will be “Free to play” and free to download on all platforms (PC, Xbox and PlayStation) from January 12th. Research and technology policy of battles battles

Yesterday passed a new edition of Game prizes As usual, leaving a lot of ads directed to the entire community games. Mount between the opening and previews the world, Battlegrounds has been a surprise in store: PUBG As of January 12, 2022, the title is taking what they consider its “biggest step” and will become free.. At the same time, they announced that players can access an excellent option featuring exclusive features.

In a text published on a blog signed by PlayStation John Yang – Marketing Product Manager DVD Kravcon- They emphasized that in its history it has undergone a lot of changes and we are very proud. On March 24, 2017, PUBG: Battlegrounds was little more than the hope and heart of a small development team debuting on Steam Early Access. In a lane and modest twist of things, fans around the world have embraced our organized battle royale chaos as they experienced the tension of the game. , realistic and use of weapons and procedures endless that kept them very excited, “also reviewed in this post.

They also highlighted in the script that since its launch, the title has amassed more than 14 billion hours of gameplay across its eight maps, allowing it to establish itself as the battle royale that has clocked the most hours, all of which is an advantage given the significant competition that exists in the genre with high-caliber actors. Significant impact.


Although it is clear, also they confirmed that they are seeking with this change to expand the gaming community and access to new users: “As we can see, and had access to their leisure the next step to follow. Since its launch, it has always been our intention to bring the battlefields to the widest possible audience. “ They stressed that expanding the audience they reach has always been a priority and this explains the decision to launch it early, include new consoles and platforms and expand into the esports landscape, so this change is a new step in that sense.

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It’ll also take some time to give a little introduction to players joining the title from next year: 100 survivors parachute onto what’s considered the “Biggest Maps in Battle Royale,” which, in addition, collects a variety of biomes in May: jungle, Forest, snow, desert, city and country. As is the case, both managed to survive and was crowned the winner. However, you can expect the best game add different once you pass the shape of your leisure. Some of these changes will be particularly targeted for new players, perhaps in order to quickly identify the address.

There is good news for those who already have the game. As a way to thank the “old fans” of the change will receive a A special commemorative package, which will include seven articles and access to Battlegrounds Plus. -In this premium access you can reach anyone, but it will cost you unlock all game features and bring some improvements. For example, although anyone can play online, only the Plus option will allow access to the competitive mode. If you do not have this special account, you can play online only with players not classified. On the PlayStation, the package will be available until the Memorial on Monday, 10 January store.

Will be available PUBG: Free Battleground As of January 12, 2022 for all users who want to play and expected to know more information about this new phase of the game in the next few days.

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