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Tax free retirement pension. Polish bargain for pensioners


The New Year means huge changes for all Poles, including pensioners. From January 1, thanks to the “tax-free retirement”, a person receiving a pension of PLN 2,088 will receive an additional PLN 187. not everything. The changes introduced by the Polish system include, inter alia, increasing the free amount to 30,000 PLN and raising the tax threshold from 85 thousand. Polish zlotys amount to 120 thousand. zloty. In total, thanks to the Polish deal, the Poles will have an additional 17 billion zlotys in their pockets. How will the Polish system affect the pensions of Poles?

January 1, 2022 is the limit that indicates not only the standard change in the calendar, but also a number of important changes in the regulations. Everything indicates that we will wake up in the new year in a completely different world. We remind you of the most important changes that await us in a few days. The Polish system, the anti-inflation shield, the protective accessory, the changes to the 500 Plus and the advantages … the new year will bring us a real revolution. From January 1, the lion’s share of the changes announced by the government this year will go into effect. The Polish deal is the first tax-free increase in many years, exempts many retirees from taxes, and subsidizes the purchase of an apartment.

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The Polish system takes into account both retired Those who live only on the benefit and those who still work. Those who decide to remain in employment beyond the retirement age can benefit from zero PIT up to the amount of PLN 115,000. 528 zlotys.

Pensioners are angry. 15. Retire? Let them get a DU** on them!! | comments

On the other hand, thanks to the “Tax-Free Pension”, all pension and disability pensions will be exempt from income tax up to a lump sum of PLN 2500 per month. The entire health insurance premium will be deducted at only 9%. As a result, wage advantages will increase. In total, thanks to the Polish deal, the Poles will have an additional 17 billion zlotys in their pockets.


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