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Ten otter families fight on the streets of Singapore

Singapore is under attack by otters.

Predators pass through sewers, run through streets, invade people’s pools and fight with each other.

– It’s like Game of Thrones. Marjorie Chong, an otter spectator, says they’re just trying to survive.

The city is divided into two groups: those who like bright and slender animals, and those who do not. He disappeared from the otters Singapore in the 1970s, but made a comeback in 2014 since the small Asian island nation improved water quality and implemented tree planting.

The Otters fan club has organized itself via the Ottercity Facebook group. Outspoken Singaporeans like Marjorie Chung volunteer to stop traffic as otters cross the streets and help abandoned otters find their way back to their parents, He writes for the Washington Post.

The otters have found their way back to Singapore.

Otters are becoming a common sight in city fountains, swimming pools, on university campuses and in hospital lobbies, yes a little bit everywhere. Ten different otter families compete for space, and city newspapers sometimes write about territorial battles between small predators.

Opponents of otters are not thrilled with their return. Lynette Foo raises 40 koi fish in a pond in the garden. One day I heard a voice and looked. Then she saw dozens of otters partying over her fish.

– They ate as if they had finished in a buffet. She told the Washington Post that otters have become a problem.

Even Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong admitted his color in the otters case. It turns out that it belongs to animal friends.

We must be able to coexist and thrive with our native flora and fauna, he writes on Facebook.