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I married a weary princess – she’s no longer royal

Tying the couple with ribbon was the simplest imaginable, a stark contrast to what royal weddings typically look like – an official from the imperial family went to a local government office and handed over the necessary paperwork on Tuesday morning.

But it is clear that Young Tu wants to avoid publicity, having previously been heavily employed by the gossip press. The engagement in 2017 was followed by great interest in the fact that Khatib’s mother had debt problems. The wedding was then postponed and Kei Komuro moved to the United States to study law, which was seen as an attempt to mitigate negative attention.

But when he returned, he let his hair grow into a ponytail – something that conservative royals condemned as disrespectful. The public expects Japan’s royal family to be perfect, and the court recently stated that Mako suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of media attention.

In Japan, a woman cannot inherit the throne. There is debate about changing that, but any fixes will come too late for the 30-year-old Mako. Marrying an unguarded person means that the princess completely loses her royal position.

The couple will move to New York, and Mako is expected to start working. In any case, it abstains from the economic base that princesses usually receive when they leave the royal house in this way. Otherwise, it would have been 140 million yen (10.5 million SEK).