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Ten square games with retrograde effect. 75 percent off Fishing Clash 19 percent off. From “Hunting Clash”

In the Ten Square Games statement, it was stated that in the estimated amount of revenue, 115.8 million PLN relates to payments generated by the game “Fishing Clash”, which is about 75 percent. consolidated revenue. However, the estimated revenue from the game “Hunting Clash” amounted to PLN 29.6 million, which is 19 percent. Consolidated Payments.

As mentioned, revenue does not include deferred revenue in time. Ten Square Games’ full financial report for the first half of this year. It will be published on August 23.

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Ten Square Games buys an Italian product

In the first quarter of this year. Ten Square Games reported a net profit of PLN 52.7 million, up 49 percent. More than a year ago, the company announced in its quarterly report. The average forecast of analysts polled by PAP Biznes was 48.7 million PLN.

Revenue amounted to PLN 174.1 million, compared to PLN 95 million in the corresponding period of 2020. At the beginning of April, the company announced that revenue in the first quarter, excluding the impact of revenue recognition, amounted to PLN 169.6 million.

The EBITDA result reached PLN 56.9 million, which means an increase of 49%. every year. EBITDA was 5.2 percent above brokerage house average forecast. The revised result was 65.1 million PLN, down 69 percent. over a year ago. The correction is mainly related to the non-cash costs of the incentive program (11.7 million PLN).

In mid-June, Ten Square Games management announced that it had begun reviewing strategic options, among the scenarios being considered, to find a strategic or financial investor.

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Last week, Ten Square Games entered into an agreement with existing partners Antonio Farina and Roberto Simonetti as buyers, obligating them to sell 100%. In the Italian company Rortos for 45 million euros, which mainly exports flight simulator games for mobile devices.