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Test your own Xiaomi phone. Orange campaign is about to start

Another version of the “Test with Orange” campaign has started. This time, participants can check out four Xiaomi smartphones: Mi 11 Lite 5G, Mi 11, Redmi Note 10 5G and Redmi Note 10 Pro. The best will keep them.

Orange has announced the launch of the next edition of the competition “Test with Orange” – this is its 23rd edition. The campaign provides an opportunity to check out the capabilities of popular phones, in this case the Xiaomi and Redmi brands. The current version of the competition is also an opportunity for participants to introduce themselves on social media.

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How to become a Xiaomi tester in Orange?

To continue participating in the work, you must Register on the site Among the applications, the competition jury 12 testers will be selected. As Wojtek Jabczyński, spokesperson for Orange Polska confirms, the competition is for people Who are comfortable in the world of social media, manage their profiles on different topics. The procedure will allow them to better show themselves on their channels.

Xiaomi smartphone – how to get it?

The following people will decide who will be selected for the “Test with Orange” campaign: Quality of social media channels And a creative rationale for why you want to become an Orange Tester.

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Winners will be notified by email, after which they will stay Divided into 4 groups. Each of them will experience a different Xiaomi smartphone:

In the next stage, there will be three tasks related to the functions of the phone, which the participants will publish on their social media channels on an ongoing basis, with reference to utilitarians #testujzOrange. The publications will also be published on the website so that people interested in the competition can follow its progress on an ongoing basis.

At the end, each participant will receive a questionnaire and answer a question related to the evaluation of a particular phone model. The abstract will be published in the orange directory. Four of the best testers As a reward he will get his own tested phones. The most important evaluation criteria will be: quality, efficiency and the visual aspect of the performance of all tasks.

work regulations Available here.

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Image source: Orange Polska

Text source: Orange Polska . blog