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Thai election winner Pita Limjaroenrat acquitted

Thailand's Constitutional Court reviewed allegations that the 43-year-old violated election laws by holding an ownership stake in a long-defunct media company. He did not do so, the court decided by a clear majority.

Pro-democracy advocate Pita Limjaroenrat and his Khao Klay Party (Almost Progress Party) won a landslide victory in the May 2023 elections. It joined a coalition with seven other parties for a collective opposition to the military establishment that has seized and organized power in Thailand. Since the military coup in 2014. They also wanted to dismantle large parts of the country's strict majesty laws.

Cao Clay almost got it 38 percent of the votes in the elections, but Beta Limjaroenrat was not released until the government authority. The political system is heavily rigged in favor of the military according to a constitutional amendment implemented after the 2014 coup. A third of the National Assembly and the entire Senate are appointed by the military.

Somewhat later, Pita Limjaroenrat resigned as party leader stating that it was not certain that he would be able to sit in the National Assembly.

The opposition leader and his party face further legal challenges. Next week, the Constitutional Court will decide whether their promises to repeal the Majesty's Laws can be considered attempts to overthrow the monarchy.

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