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Controversial Tea Board – Embassy's Response |  the world

Controversial Tea Board – Embassy's Response | the world

The professor recommends putting salt in the tea.

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King Charles with a cup of tea.

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Chemistry professor Michelle Frankel at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania claims to have discovered the perfect recipe for the perfect cup of tea. The researcher recommends tea leaves instead of bags, hot milk instead of cold, and, most controversially, adding a little salt. This is to “reduce bitterness,” reports The Standard.

The latest advice led to articles appearing in several British media outlets over the course of Wednesday. In the afternoon, the US Embassy in London has since responded regarding the “controversy.”

“A drink of camaraderie”

In a post on X, the embassy wrote that the recipe for the perfect cup of tea “puts our special link with Great Britain in hot water.”

“Tea is a drink of camaraderie, the sacred bond that unites our countries. We cannot stand idly by while such a terrible proposal threatens the foundation of our special relationship.”“, writes the embassy.

The embassy writes that it wants to ensure that “the good people of Great Britain” do not make adding salt to the national drink “unthinkable.” It is also written that American policy does not stand behind the Salt Board, and never will.

“The US Embassy will continue to prepare tea the correct way, by heating it in the microwave.”The embassy concluded its statement.