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The bishops did not want to hand over documents related to pedophilia to the Polish church


– Due to compliance, we cannot come to the wrong conclusion that a particular group is above the law. Both the commission, the prosecutor’s office and the courts have serious problems obtaining documents from the bishops regarding pedophilia cases in the church – Błażej Kmieciak, chairman of the state committee for pedophilia, told Radio ZET on Tuesday.

Kmieciak said in his comment that “this seems like a legitimate problem.” He also stressed that without the documentation of the hierarchy of the Polish church, the sexual crimes committed by the clergy against children and minors could not be explained.

The chairman recalled that the State Commission for Pedophilia has so far only received files from one bishop’s court. He also commented on the decision of the district court in Chotsi, which was requested by the Archbishop of Bosnan. Stanisław Gądecki Files of church activities in a pedophile priest case. If the hierarchy does not comply with this request within two weeks, the Metropolitan Curia in Poznań will be searched.

– The court did not criticize the archbishop for not entering the temple and celebrating grace, but demanded the necessary documents from the office Curia, – Kmieciak told Radio ZET, declaring that the court was simply using the law. At the same time, he said, Curia – unlike embassies or Apostolic Nunciature – was not a foreign-owned company.

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