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PKO PP Extraclassa: David Sulzek has a clear goal. “I’m going to stay with Ward and extend my contract”

On Monday, Szulczek officially took over as the first “green” coach. For the first time in 10 matches, he joined the team shortly after his win over Cliveis (1-0) with Beast. Ford Durek’s assistant Adam Salah led Wardha against the Voltaire Fornalics team, who was sacked a week ago.

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“I’m glad I came to the club when the team was mentally fit because it’s so much easier for me now. There’s a lot of quality in the dressing room, but there’s a positive vibe after this win,” he admitted as a junior coach in the league.

Sulzek insisted that he had no problems with his young age and that there were many players older and more experienced than him in the Bosnan dressing room.

“Players who have played many games in the league, have played many of them because they are very alert and smart. In general, there is no big problem with these players, if there are any problems it is with the younger players. Structured. Hope it’s like that here too. I’m a flexible person, I’m not smart in the world and I try to listen to others “-” Green “” said the new defender.

He did not hide the fact that the band must play very effectively. Warciarze are currently the weakest team in terms of goals scored in the league. Won only nine of 14 games.

“If low defenses and counterattacks are effective, we will try to take advantage of them. I would like to add things related to the offensive line because Warda has to be a multi-dimensional team, not just for low defenses and counterattacks. It worked last season, and now it’s got somewhere. I have to admit that I am a fan of being on the ball and I know that the most important thing in all of this is how the players feel, “the coach explained.

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Despite winning the last round, the situation of the Bosnan players in the table improved slightly. The team has jumped on the Legia, but is still in the exit zone. However, Wardha, not Ligia, has been named as a potential candidate to leave the league.

“It might be good to feed us. Because everyone thinks we can do nothing, we don’t have that much pressure, so we go down the field and prove we made a mistake. Extend the contract with Warda “- he insisted.

Szulczek, who came to Warda from secondary Wigry Suwałk, did not hide the fact that the Poznań club’s offer was “inevitable”.

“It’s rare for someone to get a privilege from the Premier League, two levels work less. But initially I was surprised because it’s not easy to leave a team that has been structured for a long time and has achieved great results. I think everyone wants to join her. So did I. They worked hard in the competition “- Sulzek briefly makes his debut in a new role in the match against Wisla Black on November 20.

Although there are only five more rounds to play this year, Warda have not given up on adding new players who could appear in the league in the fall. Two foreign players are currently being tested: Macedonian Dimitar Mitrovsky and Frenchman Abdullaye Otara. Mitrovsky is a former representative of the North Macedonian youth teams and recently played for Sporting Lisbon reserves. On the other hand, he is a 20-year-old defensive midfielder who played for the Olympic Lyonnais team in the 2020/21 season. They are both free players, so they can sign contracts outside the transfer window.

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