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Barbara Kurdej-Szatan (fot. Forum/Radoslaw Nawrocki)

Kurtz-Satan has apologized. Internet users were outraged. Actress expelled from “M jak miłość”

Three hours after the actress lost her job in the “M jak miłość” series, Barbara Kurtz-Sadan posted a statement on Instagram and Facebook. In his infamous post, he declared that he had responded “critically” to what he saw in a video posted on the Internet and that he “really appreciates the hard work of all uniformed services.” Internet users do not trust a celebrity.

She called the border guards murderers. Now he explains that he “loves people”

Barbara Kurtz-Satan first caused a storm and now she has started promoting her new book. Before the weekend, he called the border guards …

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This “critical” post by actress Kurtez-Satan was posted on Instagram last weekend (later removed).

“Woo *** !!!!!!!!!! ku ** aaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What’s going on !!!!!!!! This f *** And “Border Guards” ????? “Guard” ????????? None of these are brainless heartless machines !!! Machines that blindly follow orders !!!!! F *** a !!! !!! How can it be so !!!!!!! My heart aches, my chest trembles all over, I roar !!!!!!! Murderers !!!!! Do we still need a government like this ????? Who allows such things and even orders to be done like this ??????? – Famous wrote.

With these words Kurtez-Satan A short video showing how border guards prevent a group of immigrants with children from crossing the Polish border illegally.

The actress later apologized for “inappropriate language and curses” on social media. On Tuesday, the D.V.P. Jacek Kurski has said he will not see the actress in the new episodes of the “M jak miłość” series. – After that, he decided to apologize to the famous Border Guard officers, whom he had previously called “heart and brainless machines” and “killers”.

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The Gurdwara-Satan Report

In this latest statement, he wrote: “I would like to reiterate my words related to the specific situation presented in the post, referring to the publicity of my emotional reaction and the great outrage over the situation on the border with Belarus. In my speech, I apologized for the bad vocabulary and only criticized what I saw in the video posted on the internet.. I would like to emphasize that I value the hard work of all uniformed services and appreciate their efforts to ensure our safety. Sorry for the delegates Border GuardIt could have been hurt by my words, which I spoke so quickly and emotionally. ”

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Internet users expose the hypocrisy of a celebrity

The actress disabled the ability to comment on an Instagram post, but did not do so on Facebook. There, everything indicates that Internet users do not trust the sincerity of his apology.

“Crocodile tears now? Delay … to bear the consequences. Next time, I suggest you think about what you will write and how you will write … a Drink this cream now …“- wrote one of the commentators.

Border guards “thugs” and “hungry immigrants from Afghanistan” are waiting at the border. How did TVN report the crisis? [WIDEO]

Calling the border guard “thugs”, quoting the words of the left politician “Order a bitch son from above”, and Belarusian records …

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“Suddenly she changed her mind, and I wonder why,” says another. Another Internet user commented: “Such a rude current, such an apology would not be enough for anyone. Not for those with family members. Hope the lawyer’s office doesn’t stick around”.

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“Contracts are collapsing, the picture is broken”

There are doers Advise the actress, “We think first, then we speak. More general ”- said one of the Internet users. Another added: “You have the right to criticize, but you chose differently! Unfortunately, ignorance of the law does not preclude adherence to it. Speech about freedom of speech is weak! I ran on the red road, arguing with the police that I did not hit pedestrians because I have the right to move . ”

“Lawyer’s office activities started, job loss in TVP, advertising deals failed, film spoiled … Advice for the future: Think first, talk later. Especially when you are a public figure” – says another commentator briefly.

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