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The ceremonial final of the competition "Javor - the source of culture".  We presented awards to folk artists

The ceremonial final of the competition “Javor – the source of culture”. We presented awards to folk artists

On Sunday, May 29th, during the regional finals held at Radio Kdansk’s Janus Hajdun Concert Studio, we presented prizes to artists who were recognized by the jury of the competition in “Javor – Sources of Culture”. The guest of honor at the ceremony was Jaroslav Cellin, Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and Public Guardian of the monuments.

The competition “Javor – In the Origins of Culture” was first organized in 2010 by Radio Keels. Every year hundreds of artists take part in it: bands, orchestras, singers, musical instruments and animators of folk culture from a particular region. This year, the festival adopted a national formula. Radio Gdansk invited all folk artists from Pomerania to participate in the competition. We were looking for regional artists and creators who could promote the unique and traditional identity of the Pomeranian region.

– After the concert, it can be said that joining the group of organizers of the nationwide festival of Radio Gdansk folk culture “Jawar – the source of culture” was a good decision. For a long time our radio station was not so loud, noisy, colorful and creative. Our predictions have been confirmed that the creators of folk culture from Pomerania are a group of very creative people with a very positive attitude to the world; Such ambassadors of the region who contribute and structure the development of this brand in Pomerania. We look forward to continuing this project in the years to come because you will find it worthwhile. Admittedly, Javor is a nationwide festival, but Pomerania is missing from this group, which is why Radio Gdansk joined the group of organizers. We can not imagine presenting and talking about Polish culture without the participation of artists from our region. In terms of culture, Pomerania stands out from the rest of the country. Regional culture is a unique feature of our region, which attracts tourists and attracts people from all over the world – said Dr. Adam Simileki, head of Radio Gdansk.

(Fot. Radio Gdańsk / Roman Jocher)

Winners performed in Radio GDAŃSK Studies

In the first edition of the Pomeranian arena of the competition “Javor – the source of culture”, almost 50 applications were submitted, the winners of which were selected in three categories. It was also decided to offer ten specials. Composed on the jury: Veronica Kortels – singer, Sonia Klein-Wrońska of the Department of Folk Culture in Wdzydze, Paweł Zagańczyk – lecturer at the Academy of Music in Gdańsk, Maciej Łyszkiewicz – assistant teacher of music and Dr. Adam Chmielecki – President of Radio Gdańsk.

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– A year ago, I had a meeting with the heads of regional radio stations. Radio Keells, which has been organizing such a review of folk art for many years, has been plagued by the idea of ​​creating similar qualifications for this nationwide award in individual parts of the country and in other regional stations. Radio Gdańsk decided to do so – it’s a very good thing. That’s why we have a nationwide festival, but at the regional level. It is well known that in Pomerania we have a lot to be proud of. Every Pomeranian subcontinent has wonderful creators of folk culture, and they do it in different dimensions. This includes painting, sculpture, song, dance, art, textiles and more. So, various wonderful fields and events, these are our deep roots of national and ethnic culture. So it’s worth finding artists who nurture, nurture, and pass on to the next generation. That is the goal of this festival. Folk artists are generally very humble human beings, often operating with the ambition of being known in the immediate vicinity. But it is worth finding them, and showing them in a broader sense. It is extraordinary to see artists from very small cities creating amazing things. Above all, I want them to find heirs. Because every part of folk culture requires professional craftsmanship. To nurture it and pass it on to the next generation, it is necessary to find heirs – Jaroslav Cellin insisted.

(Fot. Radio Gdańsk / Roman Jocher)

Janusz Svitkovsky won first place in the “Solo: Singer or Musical Instrument” category. This special was presented to Crosina Milos. Shyarkovis won the Kashubian song and dance troupe in the “Folk Band or Folk Band” category. The awards were presented to the Kashubian regional song and dance troupe in Begebenheit, Materia Prima Group, Ecekon Karno Band, Lubichowskie Kociewiaki and Kartuzy. The main prize in the “Craft and Folk Art” category was awarded to Irina Preska. Kashubian Ceramics Studio NECLÓW, Helena Pavlovska, Kristina Malek and Tadeusz Mogowski received the award.

– I feel at home among such wonderful artists. These are people who have the courage to say and do what they think in their soul, to show their interest and to show themselves. It’s amazing how I was able to be in such a group. Until I participated in this competition, I never thought of myself as a folk artist. When the invitation came to Kala I knew I had registered. From the point of view of a little songwriter, with a little involvement in poetry, one cannot help but come to the impression that this poem and folk art permeate; It is not known where one ends and the other begins. You have to share your feelings, your instincts and your experiences because we are all rich and there is something for everyone to share – he said. Janusz Svitkovsky.

(Fot. Radio Gdańsk / Roman Jocher)

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The winners performed during the ceremonial regional final on May 29 at 4:00 pm at Radio Kdanskin’s Janus Hajdun Concert Studio. We also presented the awards that evening.

(Fot. Radio Gdańsk / Roman Jocher)

Journalist, builder, artist

Janusz Svitkovsky, winner of the “Soloist” category, composes, plays and sings. He rarely appears on stage because “somehow there is no time”. He once turned journalism into a construction worker’s occupation, and now he’s muttering from roof, house or chimney break. Family and friends say she sings while shopping at the store and at the table. Every year, he supports the New Year celebration in Kashubian by playing in the pasunas. He gives concerts, plays traditional folk instruments, writes texts and composes music. He describes himself as a non-carpenter, and wonders if he is still a journalist. He lives with his family in the beautiful village of Koiskovo.

Membership becomes a tradition

The Kashubian song and dance troupe “Sierrakovis” – winner of the “Folk Band or Band” category – has been operating continuously for 42 years. At the time, he was deeply embedded in the identity of the local community. It teaches, teaches and shapes the sense of regional patriotism for the next generation. In many cases, band membership is a family tradition. Here they find a place for young people to develop their musical and dance skills.

For 25 years, the group has been associated with the Municipal Cultural Center in Sierra Leone, where its members learn to play musical instruments. The center also gives them institutional support, thanks to which they give concerts not only in Poland but also abroad, winning many reviews and showing folk tales at the highest level. They have an extensive talent: in addition to a rich presentation of Caspian folk tales, they offer bouquets of Loewich and Krakow dances as well as many instrumental and vocal pieces.

The Kashubian song and dance troupe “Sierrakovis” has won numerous awards, including the “Złoty Tur” at the Kazubska song, dance and gawda festival at Sojnis (1986 and 1989); “Amber Neptune” at a festival of folk groups in northern Poland in Gdańsk (1984 and 1986); Grand Prix of the Review of Caspian Regional Bands, Versuccino 2008; 2nd place in the review of North Polish folk bands, Piaseczno 2014; Main prize at the Baltic States Festival in Carlsham, Sweden in 2013 and 2015; Grand Prix of the Pomeranian Folklore Review, 2015. In recognition of their contribution to regional culture, the group received the following titles: “Meritorious to the Commune of Sierra Leone” (1992), “Pearl of Kashubia”, as well as the Kartuzy Staroste Award (2007 and 2015) ” “In 2010. In 2018, he was awarded the Oscar Golberg Award for” Qualifications for Folk Culture “.

(Fot. Radio Gdańsk / Roman Jocher)

Sculpture, theater and film

Irena Presca, winner of the “Crafts and Folk Art” category, is a sculptor, holder of a scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage and a marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship. She lives in Kożyczkowo, but comes from Warmia, and can compare and contrast the parts she is attached to in her installations. By referring to Kashubian literature, news and mythology, he realizes his original toy play and revives his sculptures.

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He co-authored the film “Adventures of Remus” in the form of a stop-motion animation, and co-authored a sculpture for the “Kite Wood” sculpture, which was inspired by the Kashubian custom of cutting a kite on a mid-summer night. . The first scene of the show took place at the Municipal Center for Culture, Sports and Entertainment in Simeilno during the finals of the 2018 “Rodno Moa” competition. The event coincided with the opening and exhibition of “Private World” at the Kashubian Museum in Kardashian, for which Irina Bresca and the aforementioned Kashubian Museum in Kardashian won the “Pomeranian Museum Award”. Competition.

Mrs. Irina has been sculpting for 19 years. The most important thing for her is to find the schools she creates with her sculptures. Students want to know that there is a form that shows the whole world of living sculpture. The opportunity to earn from the job she loves will be her biggest success.

Great opportunity

The winners of the regional major prizes in all three categories will represent our voyeurship in the national finals of the competition organized by Radio Keells, which will be held at the Keells Village Museum in Tokarnia, near Keells. The trip is an opportunity for the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Professor Award. Piotr Gliński. The nationwide final will be held on June 25-26.
Winners of the “Soloist” and “Folk Band” genres will receive a ten-hour recording session at Radio Kdanskin’s concert studio, and prize winners from the “Craft and Folk Art” category will have the opportunity to present their work. An exhibition organized by Radio Gdańsk.

The organizer of the competition is Radio Gdansk and its partner – Radio Kiels. Campaign sponsor PKN Orlan.

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