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The Chaos of Rain: ‘I’ve Never Seen Nothing Like It’

The landslide was caused by storms that caused major flooding in the area. The situation in western Germany is described as tragic and difficult to assess, and dozens of people are missing, SWR media company reports.

Many are in danger

In the town of Sjöld, water has demolished six buildings, while about 25 others have become unstable. In other nearby towns, the flood waters are so severe that rescue services do not dare to use their boats when searching for miserable accommodation.

– It’s a disaster! We have dead and missing and many of them are in danger. All rescue forces are working nonstop and risking her life, said Malu Dreyer, head of the regional government in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Deaths have been reported from Sjöld, Solingen, Una and the fourth largest city in Germany, Cologne. According to a report by Reuters news agency, the total number of deaths in Germany is at least 33.

In the Cologne region, there has never been as much rain in a 24 hour period as in the last 24 hours.

reactors closed

Belgium has reported the deaths of at least four people, including a man who was trapped in the basement of his home with water. The water is high in a large number of villages, small towns and even in the large city of Liège, with the water level rising in the River Meuse. Photos and videos from the area show people in the water to the chin and great destruction with lots of debris in the flooded streams.

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The army was called in to evacuate residents in Rochefort, among other places. France announces that it is helping its neighbor with 40 firefighters and a helicopter.

The water kept rising all night. This is a situation we have not seen before. Strong currents completely flooded several roads. It’s not even possible to get there by boat, Corinne Mullins, mayor of Rochefort, tells RTL TV.

– I’ve never seen anything like this. We have to save people from their homes, says Mullins.

The chaos also affects Belgium’s power supply. The Doel nuclear power plant outside Antwerp has been closed, for precautionary purposes, according to Le Soir. The reactors in Tiang, southwest of Liege, are also under special monitoring

A man studies the devastation in Hagen, Germany, on Wednesday. Photo: Roberto Pfeil/DPA/AP/TT