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Stosowanie tlenku etylenu w żywności jest w UE niedozwolone (fot. Shutterstock/Kzenon)

The chief of health inspection warns of ethylene oxide in one batch of Chinese five flavors seasoning

The head of the Public Health Inspectorate announced as part of a general food warning about the withdrawal of one batch of the Chinese five flavor flavors 400g lobo. The reason is the detection of harmful ethylene oxide in them.

Gluten in a gluten-free product. The garlic sauce batch was withdrawn

The Health Inspection Authority, as part of a general warning about foodstuffs, announced on Monday that it was withdrawn from sale due to …

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Chief health inspectors Through the Early Warning Food and Feed System (RASFF) that Heuschen & Schrouff Oriental Food was withdrawing one batch of spices due to the discovery of ethylene oxide.

Ethylene oxide is a harmful substance to health, and it is used in food European Union Not allowed.

Product batch is refundable Five Chinese flavors seasoning 400 grams Lobo With an expiration date 08/20/2021.

GIS has confirmed that it is monitoring the product recall in Poland.

According to his instructions, “Do not eat the lottery specified in this warning.”

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