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The Chinese space probe has landed on the surface of Mars

The Chinese space probe, Zhurong, has landed on Mars, according to the new state-controlled China News Agency. This is the first attempt by China to reach the Red Planet.

Zhurong, named after the Chinese god of fire, is tasked with collecting and analyzing samples from the surface of Mars and is expected to stay there for three months.

The most successful landing on Mars was in February of this year, when NASA landed on Mars, which has explored the planet since then.

Numerous American, Russian and European attempts to land on Mars have failed over the years, most recently in 2016 the crash of a joint Russian-European spacecraft.

China aims To become a superpower in space by 2030. An important part of this ambition is to build its own space station, as China does not participate in cooperation on the International Space Station (ISS). Its first module was launched last month, and the goal is to actually manage the space station next year and eventually send people to the moon.

However, international criticism is directed at China after the debris of a missile fell uncontrollably to the ground last week. Critics say the country does not follow international practices and talks about its space waste.

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