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100 investigations into pandemic support fraud – ECOT News

In the criminal investigations we dealt with, the crime amounts ranged from a few tens of thousands of kronor to a few million kronor, says Fager to Ekot.

The Economic Crime Agency is investigating the suspects The breach of corporate financial aid is called transfer assistance. Just over 70 preliminary investigations are currently underway into suspected violations of adaptation aid, and so far five charges have been brought.

But in terms of the number of requests for support, fraud is not widespread, according to the attorney general.

Fagger says cheating can happen in a number of different ways.

It may be the case that you are exaggerating your loss of circulation and claiming to be linked to the epidemic even though it is not. You can say that you are not making a profit even though you have already and you can also overstate your fixed costs. Providing incorrect information may result in more support than you are actually entitled to.

Do you see if there is an organized crime behind this fraud?

When it comes to environmental crime, you can often see signs hiding organized crime behind fraud in various forms, but not when it comes to support for adaptation, chief prosecutor Henrik Fager tells Ekot.

He believes that depends, among other things, on the requirements in place to receive support.

related Fraud related to employee dismissals, short-term employment, and the Public Prosecution Office are responsible for most of these criminal investigations, and there were 24 initial investigations at the start of the month.

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Until now, charges have been brought for such fraud.