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The classic Tomb Raider game runs in 3D on Game Boy Advance

As we all know, the classic Doom is the title designed to run on the most absurd of devices. But other old games are often ported to different devices. For example, today we have Tomb Raider from 1996, which was originally released for PlayStation 1, Sega Saturn, and PC.

Play Tomb Raider on Game Boy Advance

Using the open source OpenLara engine, Timur “XProger” Gagiev was able to To ship the address to Game Boy Advance. The game may look more “pixelated” graphically than it did on the original hardware, but other than that everything seems to work fine. In fact, the game only uses GBA and a compatible EverDrive card, which is required for emulated games.

The Modern Vintage Gamer YouTube channel has published a fairly detailed video about all the tricks to play the game on the Game Boy.

“It’s nothing more than code that runs on GBA hardware. It’s real tech magic and a great improvement that takes advantage of the Game Boy Advance’s strengths and really understands its limitations.”

Tomb Raider celebrated its 25th birthday last year. While it’s a little late for the Tomb Raider title in the Game Boy Advance, we hope the future of the Tomb Raider is as impressive as this engineering feat.

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