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The Dick of Notre Dame has been revived

The Dick of Notre Dame has been revived

A bronze rooster statue previously sat atop the cathedral’s tower. After the fire, he found it badly decomposed. Now it has been redesigned and the architect took his inspiration from the dramatic phoenix with flames blazing in its wings.

The rooster is no longer just a weathervane, but it also symbolizes resilience in the midst of the devastation of fire, says chief architect Philippe Villeneuve, who designed the rooster. He says the survival of the original rooster was a light in the disaster.

“There was hope, and all was not lost,” says Villeneuve, calling the new rooster installation “Resurrection Fire.”

Before the golden rooster was placed with the help of a crane, the Archbishop of Paris, Laurent Ulrich, blessed it. In France, the rooster symbolizes Christ’s awakening and resurrection.

Inside the bird’s box, Ulrich placed sacred relics, including parts of Christ’s crown of thorns. The Crown of Thorns is Notre Dame’s most precious relic and was saved from the fire.

The country’s president, Emmanuel Macron, announced that the original rooster will be displayed in a new museum.

The original rooster sits on the tower before the devastating fire in 2019. Photo: Thibault Camus/AP/TT
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