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Two asylum seekers crossed the eastern border – one climbed the fence, the other came through the forest

Calm prevails Sunday morning on the border with Russia in southeastern Finland. This was stated by the Deputy Commander of the Border Guard in Southeast Finland Heikki Ahtiyanin For HBL. No one has yet crossed the closed border.

On Saturday, two people seeking asylum crossed the border from Russia into Finland. One person climbed the fence in Valema at 3pm and another person came through the woods south of the Valema border station at 7pm on Saturday.

He stated that after the first person climbed the fence, it was reinforced Kimo Gromov, Director General of the Border Guard Department of South-Eastern Finland.

The height of the fence at the site ranges between two and three metres, according to Gromov’s estimates.

Finland has recently invested heavily in border fencing, and this may be the first case of someone climbing over the fence in Finland. In previous cases where people crossed the border without permission from Russia, this happened through forest areas. Gromov says this usually happens in the summer, so it’s rare for this to happen now in the winter.