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The door on Mars is similar to a dog’s door

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A few days ago caused I animate the photo taken by Mastcam On board the Curiosity rover where there is a “door .”a”. This immediately caught the attention of many people and some claimed that it could be a sign of extraterrestrial life. Now, NASA reports that this object looks like a dog’s entrance.

Although experts have already made it clear This “door” is a shallow opening 30 cm long and 45 cm wide Which contains many linear fractions that give it the appearance of this unique object, and studies on it are still ongoing.

NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars used Mastcam to capture a mound of rock nicknamed ‘Eastern slopes on May 7, 2022, Mars Day 3.0466, or the mission’s Martian day.

The hill, on the slope of Mount Sharp, has a series of open natural fractures, Both measurements make it similar in size to a “dog gate”. These types of open fractures are common in bedrock, on both Earth and Mars, as an update on the mission blog explains.

Curiosity is currently searching for an area on Mount Sharp that may contain Evidence of a significant shift from wetter conditions to more Dry in the early history of Mars.

The panoramic image of the hill was generated using 113 images from the Mastcam’s left lens. The image is processed to approximate the color and brightness of the scene What would the human eye look like under normal daytime conditions on Earth?


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