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The EU wants Poland to protect asylum

Ylva Johansson told SVT after meeting Minister Mariusz Kaminsky on Thursday night.

Johansson said she indicated that EU countries have rights and obligations to protect their borders, and that not everyone who wants that has the right to join the EU.

– Johansson, who hopes Poland will comply with the EU Commission, said the shutdown is not relevant for those facing a difficult and precarious situation.

destabilization of the European Union

The border problem relates to the increasing number of refugees and migrants who have tried to enter Poland from Belarus in recent times. Both the EU and Poland openly accuse the Belarus regime of deliberately expelling people, especially from Asia and Africa, in order to destabilize the EU.

At the same time, criticism within the European Union is also harsh about how Poland behaves at the border, where a special state of emergency has been declared. Amnesty International accuses Polish border guards of pushing refugees and migrants across the border without regard to asylum claims.

Five dead

In recent weeks, five people have died due to various difficulties at the Polish-Belarus border.

“The Polish government has created the dire situation of Afghans at the border. Their declaration of a state of emergency is illegal and must be lifted. Forcing people seeking asylum to return without an individual assessment of their protection needs goes against international and EU law,” said Eva Gedi of Amnesty International at New report on Thursday.

allow a reply?

The situation on the border with Belarus prompted many EU countries to begin by saying that repression should be allowed, at least in special crisis situations.

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“Yes, this measure should be legalized, but only in the extreme case,” Lithuanian Interior Minister Agni Belutait said on Tuesday.

At the same time, Pelotite promised to present the proposals at the next meeting of the internal affairs and justice of the European Union countries, in Luxembourg on October 7-8.

European Commissioner for the Interior Ylva Johansson. Photo gallery. Photo: Wiktor Nummelin / TT