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The evening of crazy greens, between the nets of the goal that was penetrated by smoke and no one was kidnapped in the extreme

At the Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium,

Two matches, two atmospheric envelopes. Less than three weeks after putting on a spectacular show in the high-flying derby (1-1), Chodron went cold and gloomy on Friday, for the jittery ASSE-Angers. The slap the Greens (20th in Ligue 1) in Strasbourg (5-1) between these two meetings actually led to a rift between the club, especially its manager Claude Puel, and the main fan groups. And while the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium was half empty (19,836 spectators), ASSE-Angers smelled of sulfur. “We’ve discussed enough, you’re making us crack!” A banner raised by two Saint-Étienne policemen was released at 8:50 pm.

Six minutes later, when the players entered the lawn, the message manipulation of the ultras groups made sense, as dozens of smoke bombs were fired. went everywhereOn the south side, especially in the north. One hundred CRS, in the starting blocks in light of Sainté’s sporting crisis, was promptly relegated to the edge of the field. When the thick smoke from the fumigation was cleared, around 9 p.m., it was naively thought that the beginning would follow. But there, in addition to the necessary cleaning of certain areas of the lawn burned by these shells, in the old-fashioned way with brooms and buckets of water, we were treated to an unexpected event in the French league.

“We don’t want to be the laughingstock of the whole of France anymore.”

And some ultras had gone down on the grass with their smoke in order to attack Stefan Bajic’s goal nets, holes in different places. Minor issue before, but it still delayed kickoff… for an hour, time for a few staffers to mess around with the whole thing with clamps. How did Magic Fans and Green Angels, who are familiar with advanced fireworks events, come to create such a noxious atmosphere during the evening?

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The banner aimed at Claude Boyle, as well as leaders and players, was unveiled Friday evening on the side of the captains, Philippe Demazes – AFP

two press releases Supporter groups revealed on Friday evening the reasons for this operation, accompanied by low parts of the kobes deserted during the warm-up period, and the cheerleading strike is a “heartbreaking decision.” Accompanied by the pre-game banner “Puel, leaders, players, they are all responsible for this mess,” Magic Fans outline their action.

Since the start of the season, we have not stopped cheering the Greens and talking to a team that is about to be mocked. Today, it is very much. Not only do we want to be the laughingstock of the whole of France, we intend to make it understandable to the players and leaders, but also and in particular to M.Puel.”

“Not a heart that sings to people who take us as fools”

Targeted throughout the meeting by ultras who consider themselves “at the end of their nerves”, the former OL coach crystallizes the split between the ASSE and the “green people”. “We will not host the pavilion tonight until further notice,” the Magic Fans statement added. We have no heart to sing to people who have considered us fools for years. “

More than a hundred CRS found themselves forming a security cordon, Friday in Saint-Étienne, after puffs of smoke on the lawn.
More than a hundred CRS found themselves forming a security cordon, Friday in Saint-Étienne, after puffs of smoke on the lawn. – PHILIPPE DESMAZES / AFP

Logically sent to the locker room by Anthony Gaultier, Saint-Etienne’s players had about forty minutes to think before the real launch of this opening match of the eleventh day of Ligue 1 premiere. Calm at that moment, confirms Riad Boudebouz. We stayed focused. A setting that did not prevent Al-Khidr from falling back into the trap of the Anguistic realism of Ismail Traore (0-1, 28) and Angelo Fulgeni (0-2, 56).

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No first success after 11 matches for ASSE

Sometimes whistled, often ignored by supporters, Stefano was forever in the midst of a nightmare, once match maintenance was scored, by Loire Governor Catherine Seguin over LFP, according to the the team. Like a very clumsy Jean-Philippe Crasseau and as if lost in the attack, the ASSE seemed destined to sink into its lair, as it had been against OGC Nice (0-3) a month earlier. To cheer, the indispensable Wahhabi Khazri (who scored 6 of Stefanoa’s 11 goals in the season) with an excellent free kick (1-2, 61) then Mikael Nadia with a furious header butt in overtime (2-2, 90 +4) was able to soften the end of the evening.

And to provoke an astonishing streak of schizophrenia for many Greens supporters, it went from a small euphoria on a club’s goal to an always sharp whistle at the final whistle. Snatched at the last minute, what benefits could this eventual draw on a group guaranteed to stay last in the championship this weekend, still looking for their first success of the season? “We will not be satisfied with a point at home because we are like Saint-Etienne and we have to be full at home,” says Wahbi Khazri. We are disappointed but we have shown that we have personality. Everyone makes the effort, no one cheats. If we want to get out of it, it will pass through the balls. “

“We are on a mission”

The Tunisian striker, who currently speaks the stylized language, is joined in his enthusiasm by fellow youngster Lucas Gorna-Douath. “We have a sense of pride and honor, and we appreciate the international tri-color environment under 19. We showed mental strength. It was an intense match with a complex environment and we responded to the present. We are on a mission.” Headed by Claude Boyle, who is also a dithrambec.

I have big hearts of players. We’ve been through a lot of ordeals since the start of the season but they haven’t given up, they are in perfect unison. They are very aware of the situation and do everything to survive. “

However, this team is still very fragile, and with technical limitations that prevented them from beating the SCO minimum in the game on Friday. Riad Boudebouz urges that in light of the situation we are in, we must confront it. We may not give up. The fans have been with us since the start of the season. These people struggle to come to the playing field. We understand their frustration that the club is in danger today. I want to fight for them. It remains to be seen whether reciprocity will be relevant in the coming months.

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