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The expulsion of unvaccinated people has become a reality. CNN terminated the contracts of three employees

CNN has dismissed three people for violating the company’s coronavirus vaccination policy. In a letter to staff, station chief Jeff Zucker announced the adoption of the “zero tolerance” principle.

extrude Consequences of workers’ decisions not to get vaccinated American companies have been advertising for several weeks.

The vaccination requirement was introduced, among other things, by googleAnd Facebook if Uber. company employees They can’t go back to work in the office without being vaccinated. However, the companies did not specify the time after which these people will be fired.

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CNN rejects unvaccinated workers

Do The first case of contract termination due to lack of vaccination Against COVID-19 inside the editorial office CNN, one of the largest television stations in the United States, reported “Gazeta Liborcza”.

The TV news management decided that A requirement to maintain any job that requires contact with other employeesHe is to feed.

It should be noted that CNN offices remain open for people who prefer this type of work. On September 6 However, it has already been announced Back to hard work.

The station postponed the mentioned date a little. Employees are expected to return to the office in mid-October.

In contact with the station chief staff Jeff Sugar He noted that the exemptions relate to The “zero tolerance policy” announced months ago.

legal decisions?

The newspaper asserts that the administration of the US President Joe Pedina Already in May announced it Companies have the right to ask you to take the vaccine In the case of employees who have fixed duties.

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Medal of the Head of State in Practice Proof of vaccination will be required for nearly two million federal government employees. Others will be required to wear face masks and get tested for COVID-19 on a regular basis.

Despite the above decisions The US immunization program continues to slow down To prevent it altogether, the Government may decide, inter alia, that: Freeze money For companies that will not guarantee the vaccination of workers.

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