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The first pictures from inside the demolished tunnel in India

The first pictures from inside the demolished tunnel in India

The tunnel collapsed on November 12, and rescue work is still intense. Rescue workers achieved a breakthrough on Monday. They drilled a hole in the tunnel wall and inserted a small camera. Using it, they were able to capture the first moving images of the 41 workers trapped in the tunnel, the BBC reported.

In the video, one of the trapped workers says they are fine.

“I have now seen my friends in the movie, but I am waiting to see them in real life,” says Rahul Amin, who regularly visits the tunnel to get updates about his friends inside. BBC.

Through the same hole, the workers obtained their first target of hot food, lentil stew with bottled rice. From now on, rescue workers will also be able to use the hole to send medicines, mobile phones and chargers, the BBC reports.

Photo: Agence France-Presse

previously Poetry Laborers They had to survive on snacks and water, which were sent into the tunnel through a narrower pre-dug pipe. According to the Associated Press news agency, doctors are on site in the tunnel to be able to communicate with the trapped workers about their health. None of the workers were injured in the collapse, but some had previously shown symptoms On fever and dizzinessAccording to information from the Associated Press news agency.

The tunnel is being built to improve accessibility in Utharakhand region and will be four and a half kilometers long. But after the tunnel bridge reached 200 metres, a landslide occurred, closing the road. The plan is to extract the trapped workers through the tunnel ceiling.

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