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The French after Emmanuel Macron announced new elections: “He had no choice”

The French after Emmanuel Macron announced new elections: “He had no choice”

Just over an hour after a French polling station announced that the far-right National Assembly had achieved a historic victory in the European Union elections, French President Emmanuel Macron appeared on a big screen at the party's vigil.

With a serious look, the president says that he will dissolve the National Assembly and call for new elections.

A deafening cheer erupted. Some people watch in surprise, some cry in joy. The party achieved its biggest victory ever in France, and the president dissolved the National Assembly – in one night.

The Parisian: “He hopes people will vote differently”

– It surprised me, I didn't expect that. But then I understood that he did it because he hoped people would vote differently, says Parisian Blaise Marez, during a stroll outside the National Assembly.

She voted for Macron in the EU elections, and is concerned about how the new elections will go.

Across the street, political opinion is the opposite, but Blaise's surprise is shared by that doctor, Simon Deharo.

– I was surprised. I think it would have been better for the president to resign.

But he lost the EU elections, not the French elections?

– Yes, but France's policy is completely linked to the European Union. Few decisions are actually made here in our country.

“The result shows that there are no people with him.”

President Macron said in his speech that the rise of right-wing nationalism in France poses a danger to the country and the European Union. This opinion is not shared by Anne Perrier, 80 years old, who tells us that she is very satisfied with the results of the elections that took place yesterday.

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– He had no choice. She says he should have dissolved the National Assembly.


– Because the result clearly showed that he does not have the people with him. That he is alone.