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The Giant Ketchup Chasing the Lost Sailor |  GP

The Giant Ketchup Chasing the Lost Sailor | GP

The man, who is from the Dominican Republic, was repairing his boat near the Dutch part of St Maarten Island in December when his boat was pulled overboard.

Despite attempts, he was unable to get the boat back to shore and had to spend 24 days at sea with only ketchup, garlic powder and bouillon cubes which he mixed with water, according to reports. CNN.

The 47-year-old was rescued northwest of Puerto Bolivar, Colombia, after a plane pilot spotted his boat with the words “HELP” written on its hull.

Now ketchup giant Heinz is trying to track down the man to give him a new, more modern boat with proper navigation equipment, to prevent similar disasters in the future.

The company has posted several wanted notices on its website Instagram account And he tries to engage his followers under the hashtag #FindTheKetchupBoatGuy. They also contacted the authorities in the Dominican Republic as well as the Colombian Navy who rescued him, trying to find the man whose name is said to be Elvis Françoise.

The last trace of Françoise was when he underwent a medical examination on January 16 in Colombia, but after that no one saw him.

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