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The Google Play Store has appeared on Windows.  beta now

The Google Play Store has appeared on Windows. beta now

Interestingly, Google decided to create a copy for Windows on its own and not resort to cooperation with, for example, Microsoft or BlueStacks. The company has now revealed a beta for Android games that we’ll be releasing on Windows PCs in select countries — so far it’s just Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea.

Google has also provided system requirements. there is a need Computer running Windows 10 (v2004), SSD driver, “Gaming” graphics card, 8 logical cores in the processor, 8 GB of RAM, 20 GB of data space, Administrator rights in Windows, hardware visualization must also be turned on, as well as the appropriate general configuration of the PC. Google also announced that it will work closely with app designers so that their games are optimized for PC. Anyone who wants can check and notify when GPG arrives in our area to this address.

When it comes to Google products and services, Google TV will receive a fitness unit. It will be in direct competition with Apple, specifically Apple Fitness Plus services. The company also tightened rules around working during the coronavirus pandemic some time ago, which is to offer weekly COVID-19 tests to all employees.

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